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For Hugh Manatee

“Maddie James continues to cast a spell on all of us about her dream to save the oceans.”
-- Wyland, Ocean Artist and Conservationist


For the Sake of Hugh Manatee

Stand up with Maddie and Hugh the manatee for humanity. Join us as Maddie and Hugh paddle upstream and discover some of the problems affecting the watershed and that are adversely impacting the ocean and its life forms.

Vivid illustrations by Ron Croci and an attention getting story-line will compel you and your family to take action for clean water. Our world depends on it!

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Reef Explorers



Cabo & Coral Dog Days of Summer

An inspirational and educational story of Cabo and Coral adopting two dogs from an animal rescue center and teaching them to surf. Children learn about overcoming disability, spay and neutering, as well as keeping the beach clean by picking up pet poo. Partial proceeds go to the Helen Woodward animal rescue center in San Diego, CA.

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Reef Explorers



Cabo & Coral Reef Explorers

Dive in! This adventurous tale is a sequel to the popular  Cabo and Coral Go Surfing! and Cabo and Coral’s Secret Surf Spot!

The author reveals his thoughts on sharing and preserving our precious ocean resources. The vibrant captivating art and Dr. Wahn’s insight provide children with how they can be responsible for keeping our ocean reefs protected and live aloha. Children will learn about sustainable fishing, Marine Protected Areas and gain an understanding of how ocean reefs play an important role in the overall balance of our planet.

Considering the 2010 Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill this is a very timely piece that reinforces the need to protect our oceans.

The blending of fine art, snorkeling, kayaking and surfing will inspire children, as well as adults. Cabo and Coral will allure you and your child to appreciation of our environment. 

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