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Another amazing adventure for Cabo and Coral!

Discover who they meet unexpectedly while surfing. The surprising encounter out in the ocean and the lessons they learn about our planet and its climate changes make a huge impression on them and motivate them and their families to take actions to help save the planet! Are you ready to learn and act?

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Udo Wahn


Sharing, being kind and living in harmony with our environment, that’s the Aloha Spirit!
The message of living aloha flows through the book. The vivid, alluring illustrations found in the book captivate readers both young and old.  As a Core Surfrider Foundation volunteer activist on their Executive Committee, Udo has been dedicated to teaching kids about the environmental issues facing our planet. This is Dr. Wahn’s 5th book in the Cabo and Coral award winning series. 5 Star Reader’s Favorites! Children will learn heaps about climate change and its environmental effects on land and sea around the globe.

.::. Did You Know?

“Aloha” means more than merely hello and goodbye. It is a value, one of unconditional love and sharing. The “Aloha Spirit” embodies a life full of joy and happiness. Aloha means being kind and living in harmony with the environment.
Sharing waves with others with the “Aloha Spirit” always in mind makes for the most fun days of surfing. Respect each other and the beach.

Do you have the Aloha Spirit?



“Climate change is having a powerful impact across the globe. The best way to respond to it is by understanding the science behind it. Dr. Wahn and his son’s work helps us make sense of this phenomena while there is still time to do something about it.”


Ocean conservationist and marine artist

“The story, art work, and imaginative and interactive aspects of this book draw you into the educational heart of the book… understanding climate change. Important and inspiring, don’t miss this latest adventure of Cabo & Coral!”

Linda Benson

World Champion, 5 X U S Champion, International Surfing Hall of Fame

“This delightful little book gives children and parents an awareness of climate change and what they can do to reverse it – read it and take action together!”

Shaun Tomson

Legendary pro surfer and author of Surfer’s Code

“Children are the building blocks of the future. It’s a great story and a great way to get children involved from an early age. Good Job. Love the art.”

Mike Doyle

Legendary surfer, an original waterman and author of Morning Glass

“The adventures of Cabo and Coral teach us how to appreciate and care for our environment and great lessons about conservation.”

Drew Brees

Super Bowl Champion and quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and father of four.

Live Aloha

Dr. Wahn’s children’s books have been featured in the following publications:
SURFING Magazine, Surfrider Foundation’s “Making Waves” magazine, and The Surfer’s Journal.

A portion of the proceeds will go to support Surfrider Foundation whose mission is to protect our oceans, beaches and waves for everyone’s enjoyment.

Are you living aloha? supports Surfrider Foundation.


Cabo and Coral